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Mobile Photography Studio

Our mobile photography studio brings professional headshots right to your door.

For example, a chef's portraits taken within a kitchen or restaurant setting.

Perfect for photo spreads common to brochures demonstrating a variety of related settings.

Alternatively, our studio location is centrally located in downtown Toronto.


Fashion Photography Workshops

Practice your skills and build your portfolio with our popular fashion photography workshops.

Toronto-based, our workshops are for all levels of experience - beginner to advanced.

Be sure to check out our niche in traditional Japanese makeup and styling.

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Independent Makeup Artist
Independent makeup artist

Masayo Laing is both an independent makeup artist and the principle of Beauty by Masayo.

As a freelance makeup artist with over eight years experience, Masayo creates exceptional and unique makeup solutions and themes.

Masayo's freelance portfolio includes The Japanese Consulate, IBM Canada Ltd, music videos, independent film, many workshops and much more.

Based in Toronto, Masayo works primarily in the Greater Toronto Area. She is available for projects involving travel.

Beauty by Masayo
Beauty by Masayo

Masayo formed Beauty by Masayo as part of her mission to create employment opportunities for makeup and fashion-associated professionals in Toronto and southern Ontario.

Beauty by Masayo produces fashion photography workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced level photographers in Toronto.

Beauty by Masayo is also a mobile photography studio that serves the Greater Toronto Area, including Vaughan and Etobicoke. Professional headshots and personal and group portraits can also be done at a photography studio centrally located in downtown Toronto.