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One Hour in Studio

One Hour In Studio

Sitting under studio lights in front of a camera can be stressful for many. If unattended to, the camera will capture that stress and spoil the look you want.

Even if you are inexperienced with photo-shooting, our photographers will help you relax enough to explore your photogenic side.

Our team of professionals make you confident you are looking your best. And that is the look we strive to create and capture for your images.

"I see studios offering headshots for much cheaper."

Low prices often come with a cost.

Cheaper studios will not supply makeup or hairstyling. Or they will upsell you, clawing back your savings.

They also promise a short studio session, as if less studio time is somehow better.

These are not solutions. Take the time and care to get the look you want.

Our prices are final and inclusive. We guarantee no upselling or hidden costs.

Makeup & Styling

Makeup & Styling

No professional set or studio is complete without qualified makeup and hairstyling.

Photoshoots are tough on makeup and hair. Makeup smears and hair frizzles under heat and static. These details show up in your photos and spoil the look you want.

Working with Skin Tones

I have years of experience working with various types of skin tones and complexions. Darker to ligher, oily to dry, I make all types of tones come to life looking smooth and natural.

"Can't I save money and do my own makeup?"

Professional headshots succeed by attracting attention to the subject, not the makeup. This means creating a natural look on camera.

However, makeup that looks natural in the mirror looks washed out under studio lights. And more makeup is not necessarily better.

Doing one's own makeup is not a true option.

Digital Editing

Digital Editing

Our process eliminates the overuse of photo-editing. This ensures your photos remain natural and clean.

Why less editing is better

While expert photo editing skills are rare, they are also time-consuming - adding to your photo's turn-around time. The less photo-editing required, the faster you get your photos.

However, photo-editing tends to erode the vibrant, fresh quality that brings portraits to life. The result can look glossy and artificial.

Our process ensures we capture many details before they are captured on camera. Which means less need for editing and, in return, fresher photos quicker!


Final Price Guarantee

  • ▸No upselling
  • ▸No hidden fees
  • ▸Taxes included

Also available

Mobile Portraits
▸We travel to your location
$300 for 3 images
▸Travel fees: none if location TTC-accessible
▸2 to 3 people, $250 each
▸4 or more people, $200 each
  • $300
  • 3 Photos
  • no hidden fees - no upselling

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