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Beginner Workshops

Beginner Workshops

Suitable for beginners with little or no experience in photoshooting.

Positive Environment

My beginner-level workshops provide you with a positive and supportive learning environment in which to practice and develop your fashion photoshoot portfolio.

Professional Studio and Equipment

We equip our studio with state of the art equipment and facilities. Simply bring your camera and a willingness to learn and have fun.

Workshops Frequency

Beginners tend to need higher frequency to practice basic skills. My beginner workshops are more frequent than higher levels, occuring at least once a month.

Experienced and reliable models
Beginner Workshops
wardrobe Makeup Locations
Provided by Workshop Provided by Masayo Studio & Outdoors
Workshop Length Studio Equipment
2 1/2 - 3 hours Provided by Workshop

Experienced Models

Beginner workshop models are experienced in posing and composing themes and ideas. Beginner photographers can then concentrate on other fundamental aspects of their photo shoot.

Experienced Photographers

Very experienced or professional photographer will be on set to help technical camera setting & answer questions. This becomes particularly important when transitioning from studio to live locations that use natural light.

Makeup & Styling

Beginners get an added bonus, as I provide makeup for all photoshoots. Having professional and skilled makeup and hair support at this level and price point makes my beginner workshops a great value.


Beginner workshop themes will use more basic, "street-style" wardrobes. However, I always strive make all my workshop themes interesting and diverse.

Practice with natural lighting at outdoor locations
Intermediate Workshops

Intermediate Workshops

You have experience in working on photoshoot sets, both in-studio and outdoors.

New and Experienced Models

The level of modelling experience I select for an intermediate workshop depends on that workshop's theme.

For example, some themes, like practicing portrait-taking, require the photographer give more direction to the model. For such workshops a model with less experience is suitable and provides the photographer with more challenges. Other theme types will use models with more posing experience.

Lighting Equipment

Lighting equipment is provided by the workshop. However, if you prefer to use your own lighting you are welcome to bring your own.

Professional Staff

An experienced or professional photographer is typically on set. Intermediate workshops also provide full hair styling and makeup support.

Intermediate Workshop Themes

Intermediate themes are more creative and detailed than beginner level workshops. Much more work and consideration are invested in creating themes that will augment any intermediate-level portfolio.

Beautiful images for the intermediate portfolio
Intermediate Workshops
wardrobe Makeup & Hair Locations
Provided by Masayo Provided by Beauty by Masayo Studio & Outdoors
Workshop Length Studio Equipment
2 1/2 - 3 hours Provided by Workshop or Photographer
Advanced Workshops

Advanced Workshops

I design advanced-level workshops for those fully self-reliant in photoshoots.

Experienced Models

We use very experienced and professional models.

Lighting Equipment Optional

We facilitate photographers bringing their own lighting and studio equipment. However, the workshop can provide equipment if it is requested in advance.

Professional Support

For advanced workshops typically a workshop photographer will not be available. However, ocassionally a photographer may appear as a co-organizer, in which case he may be available to answer questions from photographers. But best not to count on it.

The workshop will provide fully professional, onsite hairstyling & makeup.

Exceptional detail for unique photo ops


Advanced workshops create themes that typically are unavailable elsewhere. I often make use of my niche in authentic Japanese whiteface makeup and styling, in assorted settings. Due to the degree of work involved in developing and assembling advanced themes, advanced workshops may occur every few months.

Time Extensions

Often, advanced photographers require more time for composing a photoshoot.

To accomodate, my advanced workshops allow for a photographer to request time extensions beyond the allotted time.

This option is dependent upon specific workshop contraints. It is best to request time extensions when registering for the workshop. Also note, there are additional fees for reserving time extensions.

Advanced Workshops
Wardrobe Makeup & Hair Locations
Provided by Beauty by Masayo Provided by Beauty by Masayo Studio|Outdoors|Private Homes
Workshop Length Studio Equipment
2 1/2 - 3 hours (see Time Extensions) Provided by photographer or available on request


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