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We have made it a goal to make our website as accessible as possible. Please appreciate, however, that accessibility is a huge field entirely and accessibility can always be improved. There are two main things you can do to help us make our website meet your accessibility requirements:

  1. Report to us any accessibility issues you experience.
  2. Visit our website using a browser from our list of recommended browsers below.

Prioritizing Accessibility Needs

The vast range of potential accessibility issues a visitor may experience may eclipse even the largest production budgets. Therefore, we measure success by prioritizing the most common accessibility needs of our audience. For example, from our user data we discover the most common browsers and systems used by our audience. We then prioritize our website to meet the needs of that audience. Please see our list of recommended browsers under Browser/Device Compatibility below. After meeting our priorities we expand accessibility features as our resources allow.

Changing text or image size

A common accessibility issue is text size. You can personalize text or image size - for example, increase or decrease text size - to fit your needs via the following steps.

To change your text size in all modern browsers, on your keyboard press:

Browser/Device Compatibility

This site is tested on both Windows & MAC PC’s and both Apple & Android mobile devices and is fully functional in the following browsers:

We do make efforts for our website to be useable in older browsers. However, please note that some presentational elements may not be fully rendered in outdated browsers.

Reporting browser incompatibility issues

Please feel free to report to us any accessibility issues you experience. Note that reported accessibility issues will be answered according to this accessibility policy. While we do strive to reach as broad an audience as possible, please appreciate that most accessibility issues may be solved by using the most recent version of your browser.