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The Beauty by Masayo Cookie Policy


By using this website you consent to the use of cookies, in accordance with the website's cookie policy. At the bottom of the landing page on which you arrived during your first visit after which this policy was activated, you encountered a pop up banner. Though the banner may not appear in your browser in subsequent visits you may withdraw your consent at any time. The instructions for doing so are provided below.

Cookies: An Overview

Cookies are text files. They contain up to 4 kilobytes of information and is downloaded to your device when you visit a website that uses cookies. The cookie is saved on your device and, similar to a beacon, sends information from your device back to the domain that issued the cookie. This occurs when your device is back in contact with that domain. In this case, the domain is beautybymasayo.com.Generally, cookies are used to ultimately improve the user experience. They may do this by saving user settings and choices and user information such as passwords and names. Cookies can be useful because they can remember a user's device and thereby allow the user's device to display the website pages accurately. Thereby the user is able to navigate the website effectively and without interruptions caused by domain having to rediscover the user's device. There are two types of cookies: session and persistent. Session cookies expire immediately upon closing the session that created them on your device. Persistent cookies remain on your device for a period of time stipulated in the cookie settings or is deleted from your device, whichever comes first.

Disabling Cookies

Device applications generally have settings that allow the user to control how cookies are saved (or not) on his or her device. To prevent this website from installing cookies on your device please consult with your browser's help information. The information should include how you can prevent any cookies being installed on your device from any website or application; how to block specific websites from downloading cookies; how to whitelist websites for cookie usage and how and when you may delete cookies.

Beauty by Masayo Cookies: Types and Usage

Performance cookies

Beauty by Masayo uses third party cookies, marked below, for monitoring website usage and performance. The data created by a user when visiting our website is added to other data to create aggregates. The information created by the collected data helps us understand how our website performs under various conditions. It helps us understand how users interact with our content and thereby helps us formulate ideas for expanding user experience and make better connections with our visitors. The information collected by these cookies is not associated with your personal information by us or by our contractors.

Cookie name and domain name source Purpose Data stored Duration
ga (beautybymasayo.com) Google Universal Analytics Distinguish unique users. A number randomly generated used as client identifier. Two years.

Functionality cookies

Beauty by Masayo makes use of cookies designed for your efficient use of our website. For example, these cookies remember your choices from previous visits so you do not need to keep making the same choices in subsequent visits.

Other Uses of Data

Web logs

The individual data may include IP address and browser and device types. This is used to help diagnose and find solutions for any server issues we may experience, to aid website administration and to generally improve user experience. An IP address is a unique numeric code used for identifying computers connected to the internet. IP addresses may also be used to create broader demographic aggregates utilized for the same reasons as above - to troubleshoot potential server issues and website administration.

Third party websites

Please note that this cookie policy does not apply to, and we are not responsible for, the privacy practices of third party websites which may be linked to this website. The sole third party website used for generating cookies by this website is Google Analytics.

Changes to the Cookies Policy

We reserve the right to update this cookie policy at any time. We encourage you to stay informed on this cookie policy by reviewing periodically.